WSCAD released their latest electrical CAD software SUITE X PLUS on 6th of July 2020. It covers the disciplines of electrical and fluid engineering, piping and instrumentation, cabinet design as well as building automation and electrical installation. It combines machinery, plant engineering and building automation on one single platform – without any data interruptions. It’s new and improved features are:

Speed and performance: According to a survey of electrical CAD users, speed is rated as one of the top three most important features. The speed has been increased considerably through parallel processing (multi-threading) and further code optimisations. Project with 1,000 pages are opened at lighting speed a PLC is created in no time at all and terminal management is super fast. Producing a complete set of documentation is up to ten times faster than in previous versions.

Improved usability: Along with the optimised menu structure for faster working, a new and convenient way of using symbol rotation variants saves time. Using path variables enables flexible configuration of the data export process. Wire names for labelling wires can be created individually based on the user’s own requirements. Cables are managed consistently across all trades – regardless of whether they are on a schematic diagram or a cabinet design or for use in building automation or electrical installation.

Optimised for building automation: The new features in the Building Automation discipline include the automatic generation of automation diagrams and electrical schematics, the assignment of existing data points to controllers, the new data point key plugin BKS_13 and the expansion of the user-defined plugin BKS_Open to include the automated creation of function texts and part data from data point keys. All in all, these new features up building automation companies planning process and improve the quality of their design documents at the same time.

Modular, scalable and flexible – rent or purchase: As the range of functions required and the number of workstations can change, the WSCAD solution can be expanded in line and without any data interruptions. Simply activate the product key provided and start using the new feature straight away. The purchase license is now supplemented by a short-term rental to cover any temporary requirement and enable peak demands to be met and a long-term rental to enable cost-effective use of WSCAD SUITE X PLUS, without putting a strain on your finances. Also, a network license is available if there is a requirement for using a laptop on a construction site or at home.

A wide range of functions at a fair price

Two modern augmented reality apps are included with the WSCAD SUITE X PLUS solution: The Cabinet AR App enables maintenance engineers and service technicians to scan field devices and control cabinet components using their smartphone or tablet to gain immediate access to all up-to-date designs, including reference names, 3D views of components, complete part data and manufacturers’ original data sheets. The availability of a component can be established in real time. Within the production environment, installers can wire and mark connections and save the current state. Reports ensure that nothing has been forgotten.

The Building AR App helps building planners to scan rooms, including doors and windows and save them as a DXF file for further processing in WSCAD SUITE X PLUS. Indeed it is a major benefit when modifications are being made to existing buildings and the relevant documentation is not available or incorrect.

High automation in electrical design: Recurring processes and routine tasks can be automated so that engineers and designers can make the best possible use of their time. Macros and variants not only save time but also create a company-wide uniform standard. Using templates, complete plans can be generated automatically at the touch of a button. The complete creation of schematics can be automated – by using product configurators with WSCAD SUITE. Engineering time is reduced from weeks to just a few minutes.

Various interfaces enable seamless integration in the IT and development environment. These include the PLM/ERP integration as well as interfaces with the SIEMENS TIA Portal V1.0 and V1.1 (PLC configuration), Phoenix Contact’s PROJECT complete and WAGO’s smartDESIGNER (configuring or labelling of terminals) or M-Print PRO from Weidmüller (labelling). All data produced can be used immediately and with no additional software or licensing costs for production of cabinet enclosures, wires and wire sets on processing centre, such as nVent/Steinhauer, Komax and Rittal/Kiesling machines.

Easy to use and high functionality at a fair price: 55 percent of all electrical CAD users consider ease of operation to be by far the most important feature when choosing software. The WSCAD solution is intuitive and easy to use and up to 40 percent more affordable than most others on the market. A cost benefit that is reflected in annual maintenance costs as well as in lower training and administrative expenses.


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