KYOCERA SLD Laser, Inc. has further expanded its range of high-lumen white light sources. To make them more attractive for use in industrial applications, the manufacturer has increased the lifetime of its 500 lumen chips to 10,000 hours. As a second innovation, the company was successful in doubling the luminous flux of its SMD white light sources to 1,000 lumens. This offers crucial advantages for applications in which the light is transmitted via a fibre. In medical endoscopes, the extremely high luminous flux and small beam diameter mean that even thinner fibres can be used; in industrial endoscopes, light can be transmitted across longer distances than before.

All KYOCERA SLD Laser SMD white light sources are available from LASER COMPONENTS on a 7×7mm SMD housing. To facilitate connection to the power source during tests and evaluations, they can also be supplied with a starboard and integrated safety functions upon request.

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