For the past few years, the IoT (Internet of Things) has defined itself as the ‘art of possible’ generating a huge amount of excitement and bringing with it technological success stories. If we think smart in terms of technology, we think about connectivity, accessibility and automated processes. We have seen this growing for years in residential situations where the convivence of sitting on the couch a little longer while you set the kettle to boil is fun and convenient.

But what does this technology mean for businesses? Well, actually quite a lot. The IIoT has been connecting the dots between the digital and physical world for years – taking the manual information that has likely been collected over decades and turning that usable data into real-time analytics. This data massively improves the efficiency of the business.

As new systems arrive, they are packing with them a host of benefits invariably aimed at cost savings. This problem-solving technology may be aimed around energy saving, employee movement or removing risks such as human errors to name a few.

Businesses operating within the industrial setting are noticing the benefits of new systems that arrive on the market. Industrial sectors have historically operated around processed data, with IoT brining faster and more reliable date. In far more recent times, the lower cost models and advancement in software means that new devices can be rolled out more locations in a cost-effective manner.

The advancement of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) has soared due to the widespread addition of intelligent systems within work spaces.

Advances in wireless technology have enabled communications between products to improve or become more accessible and available at a reasonable price, such as 5G, LoRa, Bluetooth for applications such as asset tracking to energy management, machine diagnostics and more.

Nodes can be dotted around a facility that collect data on various subjects and then using technology such as 4G and 5G, LoRa and Wi-Fi, this data is then transmitted to a centralized processing unit, or hub. This isn’t restricted to just offices and factories however and is being rolled out on a massive scale across towns and cities, all in the attempt at a far more connected world.

CamdenBoss has seen a demand for enclosures that are situated in places that enclosures have not been seen operating in before. With this insight, the large-scale operation of expanding as a business improvement of our in-house services has allowed us to provide a greater experience for our customers in terms of product delivery and industry defining product design.

With this influx of rapid turnaround product testing, enclosure manufacturers are relied upon for their smooth customer delivery and quick turnaround solutions, speeding up time to market. Taking these challenges, CamdenBoss brings to market a wide selection of enclosures to suit. Alongside these, we have taken key ranges and enabled them to house the latest development boards enabling a fast launch time to market.

The Hex-Box Pi ready enclosure takes our standard range Hex-Box housing and produces a beautiful desk Pi housing. Alternatively, the enclosure can be used in conjunction with the innovative wall mounting bracket to transform it into a surface mounted enclosure, with a few simple steps. Available in all of the standard colours of black, grey and white, the Pi ready Hex-Box has been pre-selected with kit parts to get you started, no matter how you would like to use the housing. Each kit comes with 2x customized Raspberry Pi 4 panels, one which features the ethernet and USB cutouts and the other with a small power cable cutout. This allows the user to opt for either POE or a power cable. In Addition to these are also 3x vented and 2x Solid self-retaining panels.

Another key player in the CamdenBoss selection is the 1500 series Pi enabled housing. Intended as a wall or corner mounted enclosure, the 1500 series Pi box comes kitted with everything you will need to get your next project housed and secure, as well as any of the necessary cutouts for the Pi4’s connection components to protrude through. Available in black, white or grey; this enclosure solution moves away from the conventional rectangle housing and offers a truly aesthetic home for mounting your Pi.

In an industry where practices change on a rapid scale, and development boards become increasingly situated in industrial settings – this is where CamdenBoss have stepped in to create another adaptable solution for single board computer enthusiasts.

Designed for its use with either the Raspberry Pi 4 or Arduino development boards, we have taken our legacy CNMB DIN enclosure and customised it to allow for these boards to be mounted. This approach has opened up doors for our customers to have a readymade, off the shelf solution with DIN rail compatibility – pre-supplied with all of the necessary attachments. Available in either clear or solid lid kit option, the CNMB development board housings have seen rapid success and is evident the market is branching out in this direction.

For more information on the enclosure options that CamdenBoss has to offer, view our range on our website at or contact us using the details below.



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