Chemical dosing specialist WES Ltd. looks forward to meeting and advising delegates from the chemical industry supply chain and water utilities sector at CHEMUK 2019.

This new annual event, brings together chemical product development, specification, processing and manufacturing businesses, and their suppliers, offers an unprecedented opportunity to share information. It takes place in Leeds on 1st and 2nd May.

As well as showcasing its extensive portfolio of products, WES has committed to providing an expert team of problem-solving advisers for visitors to Stand B24. WES Proposals and Solutions Director Bob Cook and Business Growth Manager Fletcher Roche will be amongst those on hand to apply their wealth of knowledge and experience.

A variety of products from the company’s range of chemical dosing equipment will be highlighted, including small dosing units, dosing pumps, spares and accessories.

Bob Cook comments: “Along with their precision, reliability and controllability, our standard products have been developed for system compatibility, to make users’ lives easier. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being able to configure elements flexibly and responsively into bespoke solutions which solve customers’ specific problems. We will be delighted to talk to CHEMUK visitors and address their issues.”

In designing, developing and manufacturing its chemical dosing systems, WES draws high-quality components from leading suppliers worldwide, such as the Blue White Flex-Pro peristaltic metering pumps. Used for applications up to 600 lph, and with various control options, thes feature specialised tubing for longevity at high pressures. Others include: hydraulically activated pumps from Alltech, for rates up to 2,000 lph; digital diaphragm pumps from Alldos; and solenoid pumps from ProMinent and Seko.

The flexibility of WES chemical dosing systems is typified by its portable, fully enclosed DosingCube. This light and compact bunded unit is ready to go as a plug-and-play solution for emergency situations and temporary planned use. It can also be used as an interchangeable modular system for permanent dosing set-ups. It is fitted with compact, high-quality digital dosing pumps which enable simple on-screen selection of the required dosing rate.

WES chemical dosing systems are available both for purchase and for hire. Hiring has become a popular approach to dealing with emergencies, scheduled shutdowns, short-term increases in demand and testing of treatment strategies. Its added advantages include conservation of capital expenditure. WES offers the UK’s largest chemical dosing hire fleet.

Fletcher Roche of WES concludes: “We are relishing the chance to network and share best practice with other businesses at CHEMUK. Thanks to our continuing growth and success, we are now in a better position than ever to help. We warmly invite visitors to come and discuss their needs with us and see how our flexible solutions work.”

CHEMUK  takes place from 1st  and 2nd May 2019 in Leeds. Visitors can find WES at Stand B24 where more information and products will be available. 

For further information on WES products and services, visit