Bellows cylinder – powerful, dynamic and highly resistant – An impressive solution with new pricing and improved Performance.

They retain their shape but are still flexible, are powerful yet gentle, require little but can do a lot. They can handle any environment and are reliable over a lifetime – the ideal partner for demanding applications.

Bellows cylinders are ideal for short strokes and large forces. They work without mechanical friction surfaces that move against each other – rendering seals and lubricants unnecessary. As a result, they are virtually wear and maintenance-free. With their robust design and high-strength materials, bellows cylinders can be used under the toughest operating conditions.

  • High forces, low height, simple, and robust
  • Enable angular movements and axial offset
  • Frictionless movement, no stick-slip effect
  • Virtually wear and maintenance-free
  • Long service life, even in adverse environments
  • High resistance to media and temperatures
  • High corrosion and acid resistance

Complete pneumatic solutions from a single source

Our bellows cylinder program offers the ideal bellows cylinder for any task and operating condition. But that’s not all: as a specialist for pneumatic automation solutions, our range also covers the matching components – including expert consultation.


Great under pressure and packs a punch in tight spaces – wherever robustness is in demand, bellows cylinders have what it takes

Be it high temperatures, dust, dirt, or mud – bellows cylinders are not easily intimidated. They’re used to working reliably and persevering even under heavy loads and adverse operating conditions. Their extreme service life, comparatively low investment costs, and nearly maintenance-free continuous operation make application solutions with bellows cylinders particularly cost-efficient. Our bellows cylinders are used in many different industries, mainly for two purposes:

  • For short, powerful strokes with limited installation space
  • W For vibration, shock, and noise isolation

Our wide range of products and equipment features guarantee high machine design flexibility so you can be sure to find the right solution for your application

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