WDS Components Ltd. is now offering its range of quarter turn latches and catches as complete kits. For customers, this results in a simplified design and installation process and a more streamlined and efficient ordering process.

The cam lock kits comprise a cylindrical body featuring the lock and barrel as well as a cam lever arm with a washer and bolt. Supplying the locks in kit format simplifies application design by removing the need to specify individual components. The complete locking mechanisms are displayed as fully assembled units on www.wdscomponents.com.

For design engineers, a single CAD file is available which comprises all the components within each kit; rather than having to download individual component files. All common CAD formats are supported and WDS can convert files for compatibility with bespoke CAD packages.

Installation time for the customer is also reduced as the cam locks come pre-assembled, ready for installation. This can save significant build time, especially for higher-volume production. The cam locks are for use on enclosures up to a thickness of 9mm and typical applications include machine cabinets, locker doors and hatches.

36 cam lock kits have been assembled using the most common combinations of cylinder and cam lever arm. Various locking mechanisms are available, from hand-turn to a square or triangle escutcheon key, as well as cut key with a universal fit. Where additional security is required, individually cut keys can be supplied.

The introduction of the complete kits will also help customers streamline their procurement processes, as they need only specify a single part rather than multiple part number – this leads to compound time savings where repeat orders would be necessary.

A complete range of cam locks are available in kit form, include stainless steel, food-grade solutions which are suitable for washdown environments. Food-grade cam lock kits feature hygienic design details, such as rounded rather than angled edges and smooth faces. Locks are also available in IP65, meaning they fully prevent water ingress from low-pressure jets.

Cam lock kits and individual components can be viewed and ordered via www.wdscomponents.com. Orders can comprise individual units to a thousand-plus, with next day delivery available.


About WDS

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