Video: How to install igus drylin W hybrid linear guides onto a wall

Jun 1, 2020 | Linear motion

The drylin W hybrid linear guide from igus makes an impact with its combination of practical function and elegant design. Its low-profile and flexible fixing options via slot nuts from the rear give clean lines and an unobtrusive appearance. Ideal for lateral mounting, typical applications include adjustable display and whiteboard mounts in the office, as well as control panel and sliding door mounts. 

In this week’s video, we show you how easy it is to install the drylin W hybrid linear guide onto a wall or any lateral surface. Lengths of up to 4000mm are possible. It is also corrosion resistant due to its clear, anodised coating. The hybrid roller bearings are optimised for low driving forces assuring smooth adjustments and are lubrication- and maintenance-free.

To watch the video, please visit:


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