Now available from igus is the Robolink range of articulated modules that have been integrated into a variety of robotic applications. According to the company, Robolink is already proving ideal for a wide range of humanoid robotic systems, from underwater vehicle operations to explosive equipment handling, and even sophisticated camera booms.

Features include draw-wire technology with four cords that enable each joint to rotate and pivot freely. In addition, pneumatic, hydraulic and all data cables are laid through aluminium/carbon fibre plastic articulated arms that effectively control all sensors and sensory organs.

This has been designed by igus to provide robot developers and laboratories with a compact and light weight product. In addition, the actuators (drives, pneumatics and hydraulics) and the control module (DP, PC) have been separated from the movement mechanism and tools.

To watch a short clip displaying some of the best applications of robolink in 2013, click here: