NeoCortec, manufacturer of the smallest, ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network modules, has moved to new premises in Skovlunde, outside of Copenhagen, Denmark, to facilitate a new phase in its business development. The new location is situated in a large complex which is capable of supporting the growth plans and enables NeoCortec to continue to add more resources to support the business expansion.

NeoCortec develops mesh technologies for IoT and Cloud-connected sensor network applications. Unlike other mesh network technologies, NeoMesh is dynamic and scalable with almost no limit to network size or depth. NeoCortec offers a range of pre-approved modules for 2.4GHz as well as sub 1GHz frequency bands that have a footprint of just 11x18x2.6mm. Current consumption is as low 20µA.

Comments Thomas Steen Halkier, CEO at NeoCortec: “We are in the process of scaling up the business and we are in a phase where things are happening fast. The new headquarters has ample space for growth and expansion which will support the rapidly-expanding market for our NeoMesh technology.”