This month sees the release of TransDev’s latest edition of DRIVEN magazine. This round-up of all the latest customer and product stories is traditionally accompanied by a FREE give away and this month’s is no different.

Within the December edition is a Giant 2017 Wall Planner, which will help readers plan their year whilst looking good on any wall. Demand for this essential 2017 office item will be high if previous years are anything to go by.

Preserving La Serenissima

Features in this edition of DRIVEN include a fascinating article on a hybrid engine design for the water taxis of Venice also known as La Serenissima (most serene). The background to this piece is the alarming levels of air, noise pollution, and vibration that Venice suffers from. TransDev have become a key engineering partner and sponsor of a green project that hopes to transform marine transportation. In the article you will learn how their pulleys and belts are part of a sustainable but simple solution to preserving the serenity (La Serenissima) of Venice for future generations.

Accurate Motion Control

This issue TransDev are also highlighting the versatility of BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts for accurate, motion control and power delivery. Open ended polyurethane timing belts are used extensively for linear drives, often replacing more expensive mechanical alternatives. They offer a host of user options, covering chemical and temperature resistance, tension cord types, conveying profiles, special backings and open lengths.

Tomorrow’s Quiet, Small and Efficient Drives

As a major UK Authorised Distributor, TransDev is also featuring the super quiet and low vibration SilentSync belt from ContiTech. They are offering to help you challenge your drive designs with a FREE TransDev drive review and technical consultation. Smaller, quieter and more efficient drives are possible with SilentSync belts and TransDev manufactured pulleys so take advantage of their expertise today.

Plastic Materials, Machining and Moulding

There is also a colourful plastics theme running through the December edition of DRIVEN, with further articles on injection moulding, TransDev’s extensive chain guides, belt guides and wearstrips, injection moulded belt profiles and new pastel colours from the PERSPEX range of display plastics. With over 30 years of experience TransDev Plastics has become a one stop shop for plastic materials, machining and injection moulding.

The DRIVEN magazine can be read online and in hard copy. You can request a copy including the FREE 2017 Wall Planner by emailing or calling TransDev on 01202 675555.