TR Fastenings Ltd (TR), the international specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial and Cat C fastenings is adding a new innovative rod guide product to its enclosure hardware range, increasing security whilst decreasing hassle for customers.
With telecoms networks, EV charging and technology infrastructure requiring more road furniture such as base units and cabinets than ever, there is an increasing need to keep these structures secure and their contents safe. Enclosure technology has to keep up with these requirements and also provide additional benefits for customers looking to reduce costs, labour and time whilst manufacturing and installing the units.
For added security, many structures can have two or even three locking points, allowing the locking rod to run all the way from the top to the bottom of the door, thus avoiding the risk of tampering or theft which can be common where only one locking point is present. Depending on the depth of the door return, the locking rods will need to be set at different distances, for example 20mm or 26 mm. In the past, customers needed to purchase individual rod guides to cater for these different measurements. The new TR rod guide seeks to eliminate this complication and avoid frustration by providing a simple solution which can be adapted for use, simply twisting the guide to adjust the distance accordingly.
Launched this year with a patent already granted, the innovative design of the rod guide means that customers can order just one product without having to worry whether the dimensions will fit the cabinet’s system, or worse, order two products in order to find the best solution. The rod guide is suitable for use across various industry sectors and applications.
TR Fastenings supplies industrial fasteners globally across a wide range of sectors. Every industry has specific needs in both product and quality requirements which TR can meet through the extent of its portfolio and scope of its quality certification. In addition to TR’s extensive range of standard and branded fasteners, a large proportion of the parts TR supplies are to customer drawings, special parts and Cat C components.
Manufacturing and engineering plays a central role in TR’s global operations and the firm’s 31 worldwide sites include eight manufacturing plants equipped with the latest technologies and facilities to cater for every customer’s needs. Enclosure hardware remains a crucial part of TR’s extensive product range, which also includes security fasteners, fasteners for sheet metal and automotive fasteners.
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