R+L Hydraulics GmbH produces torsional couplings of the LK series for applications in mobile hydraulics. They are used in applications with diesel, gasoline or natural gas engines which drive one or more flange-mounted hydraulic pumps. The LK torsional coupling is a stable, two-part coupling consisting of an element or flywheel adapter and a hub for connection to a shaft. The couplings are torsionally very stiff, enabling drives of hydraulic pumps and similar equipment with low mass or inertia to operate below critical speeds. Typical applications include excavators, vibratory rollers, loaders, cranes, passenger elevators, forklifts and tractors.

LK torsional couplings are usable with all engine-driven hydrostatic applications in the low to mid power range. They are maintenance-free and are characterized by low weight, high torsional stiffness and long service life. Their performance spectrum includes all ranges from 125 to 6,000 Nm. The shape and length of the hubs are modifiable, different flange positions are possible.Various series are available for standardized SAE flywheels and non-standardized flywheels.

A variety of torsional couplings of the LK series in different sizes and designs

R+L Hydraulics offers application support and on-site assessment for the respective implementation options. The LK series torsional couplings are a brand of US power transmission specialist Lovejoy LLC, part of Timken. Subsidiary company R+L Hydraulics produces the LK series in its headquarters in Werdohl, Germany. In addition to torsional couplings, R+L Hydraulics develops, engineers and produces a broad range of components for fluid and power transmission technologies, including industrial couplings and hydraulic accessories such as test couplings, jaw couplings, bell housings and cooler bell housings, damping elements, aluminium tanks, heat exchangers and coolers. The products are used in a wide range of applications in machine building, shipbuilding and automotive, energy and environmental technology, in the steel and offshore industries and plant engineering.

A typical application example for LK torsional couplings: excavator
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Summary LK series torsional couplings:

Low weight
High torsional stiffness
Long service life
Series for SAE flywheels

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