Disruptive Technologies (DT), the creator of what it states are the world’s smallest wireless sensors, together with Norwegian partner Ex-Tech Group, have deployed an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor solution that is delivering significant cost and maintenance savings for COSL, one of the most innovative oil production rig companies in Europe.On any production rig, there are thousands of electrical (and non-electrical) components, all of which must be suitable for use in explosive atmospheres. All these components need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their integrity is preserved. Any significant reduction in performance due to faults can cause downtime and stop production, an extremely costly problem for the operator.

In April this year, The COSL Innovator was equipped with sensors whilst undergoing regular maintenance near Bergen, Norway. Ex-tech Group and COSL installed 400 sensors to remotely monitor temperature and humidity in the production rigs. For this first phase of the project, humidity sensors were installed in the junction boxes and floodlights that were physically the hardest to reach.

The data from these sensors is integrated into the Inspectio system, which COSL uses for all inspections and operations. Notifications are sent to the onshore operators who then plan and optimize their schedules.

The benefits are clear and can be split into two main areas:

Productivity, efficient operations, and cost savings:

  • Minimizing the risk of downtime whilst maximizing production
  • Reducing the number of people on board, saving costs, and reducing risk
  • Reducing the number of manual inspections and maintenance


  • Reducing the use of helicopters for transporting certified personnel for inspections
  • Prolonging the lifespan of the equipment

The project is in its initial stages, and COSL is already seeing an improvement in its processes and more efficient maintenance, which they predict will save them millions. They have high expectations for its Return On Investment, as they can already see the resources the sensor-based system is replacing. For this phase alone, they expect to save thousands of hours on maintenance, equating to millions of dollars in savings. In addition, the use of the sensors reduces the risk of downtime in production and the need for people on board.

“It is a revolutionary technology, as the footprint of the sensor is so small, and the battery life is long, and this makes it very attractive to us, ” says Torfinn Kalstø, ICT & OT Manager at COSL Drilling EuropeCOSL expects to install many more sensors during the next scheduled inspection. The COSL Innovator is now in the North Sea, undertaking a job close to England.

“Capturing and retaining critical data from hazardous areas is a paradigm shift for the industry. Our proven expertise leverages data from Disruptive Technologies sensors to access complex, costly, and risky areas and provide exact status from all relevant ignition sources. Our clients can now enjoy safer and more efficient operations, a true revolution in the hazardous area space.” Jan Holm, CEO at Ex-tech Group

“Ex-Tech and COSL see a lot of use cases for the sensors, both on the production rigs and in the industry in general. They have started with the “easy” projects for testing and the potential cost savings are high. It is exciting to see our sensor solution being used in industries outside of our core focus, and that is why we rely on partners who are the best in class to manage these channels. Working with Ex-Tech is a perfect example of how a partnership should be and to show how we can have a positive impact on a wider scale.” -Bengt Lundberg, CEO, Disruptive Technologies