With the latest Theorem-XR Q1 2022 release from Theorem Solutions adding support for AEC systems Revit, Navisworks and IFC to its long list of supported data formats, it’s never been easier for those designing large scale factory layouts or construction projects to be able to get their AEC data into Extended Reality (XR) and then navigate and review it at full scale and in context.

Theorem-XR’s Factory Layout Experience provides an environment for defining, reviewing, editing and validating shop floor and plant layouts using extended reality XR technology. This can be done collaboratively with colleagues in different offices or countries, using libraries of existing plants, tools and equipment using a combination of data formats (3D CAD, AEC data, PLM data, scanned data) in a single design layout.

Using XR is the next step in large-scale design and enables engineers to visualize and interact with their design data in a single design layout, in real world and immersive environments-providing tangible benefits for existing and greenfield site design without the associated downtime, travel and costs.

So alongside the support for additional AEC systems, whats else is included in the new Theorem-XR Q1 2022 release that will help engineers extend their capabilities when it comes to optimizing, visualizing and collaborating with their planning and layout design data in XR?

Handling large datasets in any device with fully collaborative ARR

Building on Theorem’s continuing support for Microsoft’s Azure Remote Rendering (ARR), this release enables other device users (such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest, or Android and IOS devices) to access the same large datasets as HoloLens 2 users as full collaboration is now supported in ARR.

Being able to offer remote rendering across all devices is especially beneficial for Factory Layout users as it provides the ability to view and work with large datasets, such as entire factory plans, removing the barriers associated to working and interacting with huge quantities of design data.

As Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners, the Theorem-XR product suite is developed to keep pace with Microsoft and their development roadmap, offering users the most robust visualization experience available to complement existing manufacturing processes and engineering focused use cases, whilst using their design data for full scale, in context, XR visualization with high quality rendering.

Offline licencing

Previously, the Factory Layout experience would require network or Wi-Fi access to run. Butthere are situations where people want to be able to work with their data in a location that doesn’t have network access, such as visiting prospective greenfield sites. In this release, users can now cache their data to their device and continue to access and work with itanywhere.

The Theorem-XR suite

At its core, Theorem-XR enables Engineering and Manufacturing companies to optimize, visualize, and collaborate around their 3D design data at full scale and in context, supporting enhanced remote collaborative engineering focused XR use cases for Visualization, Design Review, Factory Layout, Training and Visual Digital Twin.

With fast, efficient, flexible automated CAD data preparation, users can drag and drop their design data on to the server, save as from within their native CAD applications, or export directly from their PLM system for use in Extended Reality.

With the added benefit of only needing to prepare data once, Theorem-XR works for the individual and the enterprise, at all levels and all stages of the Extended Reality journey.

By using XR to anticipate problems, make better decisions, save time and identify design challenges, organisations can facilitate more creative discussions and solve real world problems quickly and collaboratively.

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