Under the Loctite® brand from Henkel, maintenance experts can find all they need to keep their plant running smoothly for longer.  Loctite® has proven products for effective thread locking and sealing, gasketing, retaining, bonding, cleaning, pre-treatment, filling, protecting and lubricating. Indeed its one of the most comprehensive maintenance product ranges available.  And never before has it been easier to select the best product for the job.

To support this increasingly growing market sector for Loctite® products, Henkel has introduced a dedicated website for maintenance professionals, www.loctite-maintenance.co.uk.  From here, the visitor can order the Loctite® maintenance expert selector chart and guide, see products in action and get quick access to technical data and health and safety sheets.  The site has also been optimised for use on mobile devices so have access to expert advice wherever they are.

This new domain provides a shop window for the huge variety of products that are available for maintenance tasks but special focus is given to a range that Henkel has dubbed its Loctite® Maintenance Heroes.  These are industry proven products that are best suited to the lion’s share of applications.

Representing the Loctite® thread lockers is Loctite® 2400.  As with all choices in this range, Loctite® 2400 is designed to prevent movement, loosening, leaks and corrosion and secure any threaded fastener against vibration and shock loads.  To seal threads this core group includes Loctite® 55, a single component product that is easy to apply and does not creep, shrink or block systems.

Henkel is unique in its supply of a comprehensive series of Health and Safety products that include anaerobic products, instant adhesives, gasketing products and heavy-duty maintenance cleaners.   A new addition to this growing Health and Safety range is the Loctite® SI 5980 oil resistant silicone, the chosen Maintenance Heroes’ flange sealant.   It comes in a ready-to-use, pressurised can with integrated rigid nozzle that gives pinpoint control.

No maintenance essentials kit would be complete without Loctite® bonding products, the application for which the company is perhaps best known.  Two proven formulations are highlighted, Loctite® 401, a general purpose instant adhesive that provides excellent adhesion on multiple substrates.  The second is Loctite® 3090, a really useful product that gap fills as well as instantly bonds.

Next in line is the Loctite® 3463, the Metal Magic Stick™.  This is the perfect product for the emergency sealing of tanks and pipes.  It is steel-filled, kneadable and even adheres to damp surfaces and cures under water. 

Completing the Loctite® Maintenance Heroes set are the Loctite® 7063 cleaner and degreaser, Loctite® 8201 moisture dispersing multi-purpose oil and Loctite® 8150, Henkel’s proven aluminium anti-seize.

This cross section of products has been chosen to emphasise the scope of what is available within the Loctite® range.  Many variants are available for every maintenance, repair and overhaul application and all are supported by Henkel’s renowned technical consultancy that is freely available.

Maintenance Expert in your pocket

The new Loctite Maintenance Expert Guide from Henkel is a little book with a big message.  Its purpose is to demonstrate to those involved in maintenance, repair and overhaul that Loctite® covers far more applications than just bonding.  Indeed within this trusted brand are products for the broadest variety of engineering applications.

The laminated, pocket sized booklet is a mine of information.  Introduced for use in tandem with online support tools, it is cleverly designed to make product selection quick and easy.  Although it doesn’t detail every product available in the Loctite® Maintenance range, it covers the general purpose products that meet the needs of the majority of everyday maintenance tasks.

The Loctite® Maintenance Heroes, key products from the company’s maintenance range, are within the introductory section.  They give the user an insight into the scope of the Loctite® brand.  The nine products that are featured are for thread locking, thread sealing, flange sealing, instant bonding, emergency pipe repair, parts cleaning and lubrication. 

Readers can refer to the guide by product category or by task and get valuable practical tips in the ‘how to apply’ sections.  In all, fourteen different task areas are covered and selected products recommended for each.  Naturally, the Loctite® Health and Safety products receive special attention as collectively they represent a uniquely comprehensive range.

Sections on dispensing equipment, accessories, expert training and industry-specific maintenance solutions complete this useful publication.  It is available from the Loctite® sales office on 01442 278100 or via www.loctite-maintenance.co.uk the dedicated website for maintenance experts.