R+L Hydraulics GmbH has added test couplings to its product portfolio. The new test couplings offered by the hydraulics and power transmission specialist are designed for testing pressure, lubrication, bleeding air and sampling oil in a wide variety of mobile and fixed position hydraulic applications for industry, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, naval, energy and environmental technology, mechanical engineering, automobiles and rail vehicles.

Test couplings are usable for both original equipment and retrofits. They offer service personnel and end users of hydraulic applications a simple, safe option for monitoring system pressure, venting the hydraulic system, analysing the degree of contamination and taking representative fluid samples – either temporarily or permanently. The integrated non-return valve allows this work to be carried out under pressure of up to 630 bar and does not require the system to be shut down.
The test couplings can be supplied in a range of materials, e.g., stainless steel. They are compatible with all hydraulic and mineral oils and can be adapted for other media upon request. The seals are available in various designs and materials to satisfy the widest possible range of requirements and prevent oil leaks: seals made of nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) are notable for their resistance to mineral oils and are suitable for use in a temperature range from -30 °C to +125 °C; seals made from the fluoropolymer elastomer Viton are highly resistant to thermal and chemical loads and are usable from -25 °C to +230 °C.
The test couplings can be configured to match the respective application, with various threads and in a variety of models, e.g., with standpipe, female swivel, pipe fitting, as bulkhead test coupling for pipe fitting or as check-valve couplings. Pressure gauges, microhoses, fittings and protection valves complete the offering.
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