Tempa Pano is a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of electrical and industrial enclosures, that are used to house and protect electrical distribution, automation, and telecommunication systems. These products are utilized across a wide range of industries and form a critical part of systems equipped with electrical and electronic components. Tempa Pano’s standard product range reflects the needs of these industries, with products and accessories tailored for their specific needs and applications and a variety of accessories for thermal and cable management. Furthermore, Tempa Pano provides many bespoke products that are designed especially for client requests, adding value for the end user in terms of manufacturability, repeatability, and usability.
The designs are tailored to customer needs based on their application requirements, taking into consideration product integration, environmental conditions such as corrosivity and thermal properties.
This forms part of the company’s unique selling point, with emphasis on designing and developing engineering solutions with flexibility and quick turn arounds. 
In addition to the manufacture of industrial enclosures, Tempa Pano also carries out engineering services and system integrations with electromechanical assembly to offer plug and play solutions. 
This includes electrical distribution and automation systems with PLC and Scada capabilities that allows users to interface with process plant and machinery.
The company adheres to quality, health and safety and environmental procedures according ISO9001, ISO18001 and ISO14001, in addition to internationally recognised product testing and standards as defined by the likes of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and EN (European Standards). 
Tempa Pano UK’s operations have been present since 2002 and has been serving the UK and other European markets with assembly, distribution, project management and sales activities. The company is preparing for its next step of expansion by moving to larger premises and introducing manufacturing capabilities in the UK which are currently carried out at Tempa Pano Turkey.
The expansion will be a driving factor in the company’s growth ambitions and implementing a leaner and more digitized processes throughout.  The introduction of production capabilities will start with stainless steel products and will involve processes such as welding, bending, grinding, surface treatment and packaging. These investments will emphasize knowledge in computer aided design and manufacturing, establishing a base which can be built upon to create a stronger engineering know-how capable of running production with machinery and new technologies for the Industry 4.0 era. 
In line with these ambitions the company has taken steps over the past two years to develop and emphasize its in-house design capabilities, investing in CAD software and training a design engineering team, which has allowed the company to respond to client requirements more efficiently. The team has also worked on building and maintaining a complete 3D product library, which it utilizes as a foundation while designing new or bespoke products, this library also lends itself as a useful tool while pursuing further digitalisation. The company is working on a new 
Augmented Reality application that will help clients that choose to order products in flatpack form,
assemble and view details on any smartphone or tablet. The user will be able to choose the product of interest and place on any flat surface through the camera of the device that they are using, allowing to visualise the model. The app will include a digital brochure with step-by-step animations, showing the assembly procedure for each product. The user will be able to step forward and backwards during any step and interact with the product by spinning it around, looking from a different perspective/angle or referring to the reference 2D pdf manual. The user will be guided through the steps with animated arrows to facilitate clear understanding of each step.
Alongside these investments and digitisation strategies, the company has clear focus on it’s 
core business and carries on to continuously improve and develop its standard product offering, as well as developing new designs. 
With an extensive range of products, from small junction boxes to wall mounted enclosures up to large modular systems, Tempa Pano has strived to innovate to suit the market requirements. Aiming to provide customers with integrated solutions Tempa Pano correspondingly offers a comprehensive range of accessories to compliment the enclosures which include low voltage busbar systems, climate control products and facilities to help the client with installation. With all these options Tempa Pano can provide it’s customer with complete solutions, tested to the highest standards. 
Below is a breakdown of the Tempa Pano Enclosure and Busbar ranges:
    • IP66 Wall Mount Enclosures
    • IP55 & IP65 Junction Boxes
    • IP 55 & IP65,66 Floor Standing Enclosures
    • 304 & 316L Grade Stainless Steel Enclosures.
    • Stainless Steel Hygienic Design Enclosures.
    • ATEX Approved (Ex e & Ex ie) Enclosures
    • Electronic System Cabinets
    • Console Systems
    • Power Distribution Systems.
    • Climate Control Products.
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