Apex Dynamics is a world leader in precision servo gearbox technologies and is throwing down a Take5 challenge to visitors to its stand at Drives and Controls 2022.We have an unrivalled wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to servo gearboxes and will be displaying our unique products on Stand H72.

We are so confident of our know-how, we invite people such as design engineers and machine designers with a relevant problem to visit our stand and challenge the team to solve it. We strongly believe  that we have the people with the right knowledge and technical experience to come up with a suitable solution in or under five minutes.

We know this is a tough challenge because there are so many factors that come into developing a solution that works, but our team is very confident that we will be successful almost every time.
If a challenge is not solved in the time allowed, Apex Dynamics will give a £200 voucher towards the cost of products that are subsequently ordered from us.

Our experienced and highly-knowledgeable staff will be on hand at stand H72 to talk to guests, and run through Apex Dynamics’ patented designs, unique five-year warranties, and unmatched two to three-week lead times.

A particular product that will be the talk of the show will be the new GL series of gearboxes, which are ideally suited to Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs) applications. Our staff will also be able to go through how the unique Converter App works on smart phones to make it super simple to choose the right Apex product when moving to Apex from a competitor.

With 100,000 gearboxes manufactured for stock and ready for final configuration, Apex Dynamics is in a commanding position to deliver in two to three weeks on all of its standard range of planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes and rack and pinion solutions. Competitor delivery times are typically 8 to 15 weeks at present.

Heath House, Cheadle Rd, Uttoxeter ST14 7BY
Tel: 0121 737 1170 or 0800 1077599
Email: sales@apexdynauk.com  Website: https://www.apexdynauk.com/