Switching to moulded cables could bring cost, safety & time benefits, claims valve connector expert

May 1, 2019 | Pumps & valves

Valve connector users could save themselves time and money, whilst also reducing the risk of costly downtime simply by switching to connectors with moulded cables, according to specialist supplier ATAM.

The company is encouraging users of its Italian-made DIN valve connectors to consider the many benefits of switching to versions with ready moulded cables.

With many connectors being used in harsh environments where there may be a high risk of dust, dirt or moisture ingress, moulded cables help to protect the connector components from contamination which might impair their performance. Moulded cables also remove the risk of poor and loose links between the connector and cable, which could cause the product to fail or malfunction.

The potential for human error when joining connector to cable is also removed when using a secure, pre-moulded unit, resulting in better product consistency and reliability. Cost savings can also be enjoyed when buying the connector and cable as a single product from the same supplier.

ATAM is able to supply valve connectors with moulded cables in a wide range of sizes with cables available in a variety of lengths and insulation materials.  The company is also able to supply bespoke versions of the range, often holding stocks for supply to customers with limited storage facilities on a ‘just in time’ basis.

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