A new swappage scheme being introduced by ABB seeks to promote greater use of the latest robotic automation technology amongst UK manufacturers.

Subject to the payload of the robot, the Robot Swappage Scheme enables operators to get up to £4,000* off the purchase cost of a new ABB robot when they trade in an existing robot from any manufacturer installed 12 or more years ago.

Open from 8th October 2013 until 8th April 2014, the scheme is part of ABB’s drive to encourage the greater take-up of robotic automation in the UK manufacturing sector.

The scheme is aimed particularly at small and medium sized businesses which have a current working robot which may be nearing the end of its useful economical working life.

“A large number of robots in use in the UK are now at the point where they are becoming increasingly more difficult and costly to maintain,” says Dean Phipps, ABB Robotics’ Service Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland. “Difficulties in obtaining spares for obsolete models, the absence of any warranties and finding technicians qualified to work on older models are just some of the problems that can add to the heartache, expense and inconvenience of using older robots when issues inevitably occur. In such cases, replacing the robot with a new model can present the most sensible option.”

“New developments in robotic technology may also mean that companies using older models may be missing out on a raft of new productivity enhancing features. The enhanced efficiency, flexibility and reliability delivered by the latest generation of robots could help these companies to dramatically transform their production operations.”

The scheme is open to end users only across any industry where a robot is currently being used to handle a particular task. Different discounts according to the payload of the robot being replaced. Robots with up to and including a 20kg payload will receive a discount of £2,000 off the list-price for each individual robot being scrapped and replaced, whilst robots with a payload greater than 20kg will receive a £4,000 discount. The scheme operates on a one-for-one basis and will apply to any orders placed between 8th October 2013 and 8th April 2014.

To apply for the scheme or to find out more, please call 01908 350300 or email robots@gb.abb.com ref ‘Swappage’.    

* Discount applies to any robot with a payload of 20kg or greater. A separate discount of £2,000 applies to robots with a payload up to and including 20kg.