EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, has improved the Series 82 pushbutton range with a set of design upgrades to give it the edge over other metal pushbuttons.

Series 82 has been re-engineered from the inside out for extra strength, versatility and style: tough enough to resist aggressive use and yet elegant to fit today’s stylish, ergonomic environments.  

Featuring an all-metal front, IK10 shock protection and IP67 sealing, it is now one of highest specified pushbuttons on the market. Even extreme temperature fluctuations from -30°C to +70°C and humidity up 85% will not affect operation.

Control panel designer can now get the look and feel they desire through the wide choice of sizes, lens profiles, illumination styles and finishes including:

  • 16, 19 and 22.5mm diameter mounting hole sizes
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Dot or ring illumination
  • Flat, raised or convex lens shapes
  • Stainless steel SUS 304 or chromed
  • Brass, gold coloured or aluminium anodised

Series 82 is ideal for ticket and vending machines, information terminals, access controls and door entry systems or any piece of technical equipment. All component materials adhere to RoHS and UL.

For more information, please visit www.eao.co.uk