Stratus Technologies, a global leader in simplified, protected, and autonomous Edge Computing platforms, announced that Rockwell Automation has named it a winner of the inaugural PartnerNetwork Ecosystem Award during the 2022 PartnerNetwork Conference. The award recognises Horizon Solutions Business Intelligence Solution-in-a-Box, which combines Rockwell Automation software and Ocean Data Systems’ reporting on Stratus’ simple, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platform to easily deliver business intelligence.

The Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Awards honor the achievements of organisations that have successfully planned and executed innovative and transformational solutions. These organisations have found ways to impact one or more areas of their businesses through the application of Rockwell Automation and other partners’ digital and disruptive technologies.

“Stratus is recognised across the Rockwell Automation ecosystem for the reliability of its Edge Computing platforms, and ability to quickly modernise compute infrastructure required for digital transformation initiatives,” said Kevin Davenport, Director, Global Technology Partnerships at Rockwell Automation. “Our customers rely and trust on our best-in-class PartnerNetwork ecosystem to provide superior support, service, and market-leading technologies that deliver unmatched innovation and value to their business. Our relationship with Stratus embodies the spirit of our ecosystem, and I’m delighted to present them with this year’s award.”

Frank Hill, Director, Strategic Alliances at Stratus said, “We work with Rockwell Automation, technology partners, and Rockwell Automation distributors to create cutting edge solutions that deliver more value to customers. Our focus with Rockwell Automation is to provide turnkey, pre-validated solutions that end users and SIs can easily deploy and rely on to work. This award demonstrates the strength of that partnership and the vast opportunity for partners that develop combined Rockwell Automation and Stratus solutions.”

Pre-validated Rockwell Automation and Stratus Architectures for Fast Deployment
In close partnership with Rockwell Automation, Stratus develops turnkey solutions to scale edge control and automation. The result is pre-validated architectures that save engineering time, enable rapid deployment, and simplify OT and IT management.

The Horizon Solutions’ Business Intelligence Solution-in-a-Box provides end users and SIs with a plug-and-play solution that integrated hardware and software designed to deliver more insight into customer operations. The solution includes:

  • Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View, Historian, and ThinManager
  • Ocean Data Systems Dream Report
  • Stratus ztC Edge Platform

Stratus’ 2nd generation Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Solution-in-a-Box control architecture simplifies deployment of small to medium scale distributed control systems. The solution supports up to 5,000 I/Os and 10,000 tags, and up to 20 thin clients. The pre-validation configuration includes:

  • Rockwell Automation PASS-C template
  • Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Batch
  • Rockwell Automation Application Server OWS virtual template(s)
  • Stratus ztC Edge 250i platform providing fault-tolerant workload protection