Called in to deliver a moving housing mechanism for a new generation motion and tracking platform for iOS devices, Star Prototype turned the entire job around in just 11-days.

Swivl is as a personal cameraman for iPads, iPhones, DSLRs and Android devices and has been developed by Californian company, Satarii inc. It incorporates a smooth, highly adjustable pan and tilt motion and is able to automatically follow the video subject for professional quality, self-captured film.

Satarii tasked STAR with creating the housing and moving mechanism for the second generation Swivl, which was launched in late 2012 – a job that saw the team at the China-based, British-owned rapid prototype house go above and beyond its remit to deliver the perfect solution within a very narrow timeframe.

Gordon Styles, managing director of STAR, said: “The main elements of the job were relatively straightforward, at least for a company with such broad range of capabilities, and included CNC machining, painting and vacuum casting. These tasks were all carried out quickly and professionally, but when we came to do the final fit we found a design flaw.

“A hole needed to be drilled in the remote control housing and when it was done our team found it created a weakness in the material that would lead to it breaking easily.”

Faced with this concern, STAR’s team advised the client and suggested an alternative solution using slots rather than holes, which didn’t impact on the integrity of the material and actually improved the way in which the parts fitted together.

Star Prototype is a full service rapid prototyping company based in the Guangdong Province of China. Opened in 2005 by Gordon Styles, the former owner of British-based Styles RPD, the company has created a niche for itself by offering Western quality at Chinese prices. For further information visit or call +86 138 2272 8700.

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