By Andy Billingham MD EMKA(UK) Ltd

EMKA offer Data Centre racking Biolock demonstration kit – for exploration and evaluation

In their latest website guidance, EMKA address the closure issues of control cabinets and enclosures in mechanical engineering, where they must meet the most diverse requirements, primarily of course the criteria of safety, locking and operating convenience as well as durability even under demanding conditions.

EMKA contend that specialist enclosure hardware for mechanical engineering should also meet specific challenges regarding fire protection, compression and extreme power transmission, in high doors or through large sheet thicknesses. In these situations, EMKA offer products which comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, regarding protection against dust and water, with the desired IP protection classes or which are equipped with UL certification.

EMKA’s online guide highlights common choices of safety quarter turn​locks with tamper and vibration proof​ options, e.g., compression latches, with insert and head chrome plated or stainless steel. Safety inscription on the housing or pad printed identification or labelling is also offered. In terms of cabinet production clip-in quarter turns are indicated for quick assembly without tools, offering cost savings due to simple fitment within seconds.

Allied to use of quarter turn latches EMKA now offer a new eCam electromechanical cam lock which provides a universal, electromechanical latch with small internal footprint on new and existing systems offering locking/unlocking as a stand-alone solution with keypad or RFID card reader – it may be integrated into access control systems or machine controls and has a mechanical emergency opening​ function.

Full package of Air Conditioning hardware from EMKA UK

​For high end Biometric security EMKA now offer a Data Centre Biolock demonstration kit which allows engineers to explore and evaluate since in many cases there is no real alternative to a physical, hands-on demonstration or test run. The innovative EMKA Biolock system for server racking is one such example – so to enable interested data centre security engineers to see for themselves – EMKA have created a demo-in-a-case which can be sent out on request. It includes lock hardware, and a laptop with the demo system already registered onto it.

Gasket sealing is perhaps the closest a product gets to being universal, so EMKA present a comprehensive collection of technical information plus an illustrated listing of sealing profiles showing standard ex-stock sections – downloadable at

Gasket seals are appropriate for use on specialist/general-purpose industrial enclosures and cabinets such as electrical and electronic housings, also

EMKA hardware packages for specialist industries – railway and related

for arduous environments such as in the food and agriculture industries. Sealing profiles are illustrated for specialist vehicles such as those for sport and leisure, e.g., caravans, motor homes etc also rescue and service vehicles, railway carriages, indoor and outdoor, offshore and underground e.g., fire-resistant and EMF screened. Typical materials used are EPDM, NBR and silicone.

In line with their policy of providing specialist industries with guidance and support EMKA have recently issued a new Railroad Industry catalogue detailing their extensive range of locks, handles, hinges, gasket and accessories specifically suited to this industry. The catalogue is available online as a PDF for download at

Railway related products include compression locks and latches, safety latches with visual open/closed status indication, low profile flat design swinghandles, RIC compliant quarter turns, flush mounting quarter turns, floor mounted latches, stainless steel components, protected latches for high-speed trains, special cams and escutcheons, slam locks, and dead bolts.

Sealing Technology from EMKA

Locking solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVACR hardware solutions from EMKA) are designed to deal with outdoor installations with appropriate degrees of sealing and corrosion resistance. They can suit internally pressurised systems with internal safety handles on heavy, thick doors where operation may be needed with gloved hands. They comply with the special requirements of the HVACR sector and meet the relevant standards such as DIN EN 1886 or VDI 6022.

A specialist surface mounted modular door lock with an internal handle is complemented with a Clip-on sealing profile according to hygiene standard VDI 6022. Other accessories particular to HVACR installations include a snap-in double glazed inspection window, industry-standard 3D adjustable unit connectors and ergonomic bow-type handle made of reinforced polyamide. The HVACR engineering team at EMKA are always keen to work with customers on new specifications to suit unusual applications.

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