Springs and dampers

Jan 19, 2012 | Springs & shock absorbers

Demanding on- and off-highway applications can benefit from SKF’s STABILUS gas springs and dampers.

The STABILUS LIFT-O-MAT hydro-pneumatic gas springs are for high load applications, where large panels such as bonnets, access covers and tailgates need to be lifted or lowered in a carefully controlled manner. This system offers dynamic extension damping, providing a gradual reduction in operating speed at either end of the stroke, to reduce shock and wear on hinges or panel joints.

Also available are the STAB-O-SHOC hydraulic dampers, designed to

provide effective motion and vibration dampening and control for operator seats, trailer couplings and V-belt tensioners, for example. Other products include the HYDRO-LIFT and the ELEKTRO-LIFT gas springs.

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