A new manufacturing service for bespoke complete bearing assemblies has been announced by igus. With the ‘speedifit‘ service, the housing is manufactured to custom requirements, fitted with an igus bearing, and supplied as one whole unit, ready to install – saving time and money.

A speedifit part is made by taking a standard or custom iglidur plain bearing, and fitting this into a bespoke housing machined to a customer’s drawing and specifications.  Any igus bearing can be fitted into a housing which can be manufactured from many materials including aluminium, anodised aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel, titanium as well as common engineering plastics.

Delivery timescales depends on the material, complexity, and quantity, but speedifit parts are usually delivered within five to 10 working days, claims the company. 

As with all igus components, there is no minimum order, and customers can order any number of parts.

While the cost of the speedifit part depends on the individual requirements and materials, customers can also benefit from cost savings associated with reduced manufacturing and logistics time.

“We’re excited to be launching this new service, which expands our custom manufacturing offering,” says Matthew Aldridge, director at igus. “Manufacturers are increasingly looking for bespoke parts but at a more cost-effective price and at igus we give customers this flexibility. speedifit components are made completely to our customers’ specifications and we also work closely with them to make significant cost savings by, for example, changing a machined stainless steel bearing housing to a casting, and supplying this as a speedifit assembly.”

For further information about speedifit and to receive a quotation, simply email requirements to: mailto:speedifit@igus.co.uk.