SnapEDA – a company that helps engineers design electronics faster by removing barriers – is launching a new KiCad plugin, allowing designers to search and download its computer-aided design (CAD) models directly within the KiCad PCB design environment. 

KiCad is a free and open-source software that has been gaining popularity in the PCB design industry. Over the last few years, it has been growing at the same rate as the industry’s leading PCB tools in terms of design activity on SnapEDA’s professional PCB design community. 
With the new SnapEDA KiCad Plugin, engineers can now access all of the magic of SnapEDA right from within KiCad. Engineers can discover and download component data (including symbols, footprints and 3D models) into their library of choice — and access other types of component data, like pricing —  without ever having to leave KiCad’s PCB design environment.
Additionally, KiCad users will also benefit from live updates to the library. SnapEDA’s Component Engineering team adds thousands of new components each week, which are synced with the plugin in real-time.
“KiCad is an inspiring tool because of its ethos of making electronics design open and accessible,” said Natasha Baker, CEO & Founder of SnapEDA. “Although it has its roots in academia and gained initial traction with hobbyists, we’re now seeing increased adoption among professional users, which makes it the perfect time to release this helpful new tool.”
The new SnapEDA KiCad Plugin provides access to millions of CAD models, which are completely free for engineers to download and use in their designs. SnapEDA works closely with component suppliers to provide vetted digital models for its semiconductor and electromechanical products, which are created with its patented technology.
The plugin is free and can be downloaded here. It is available on Windows and Linux, with a Mac version coming in the future.