Smiths Interconnect’s original Hypertac hyperboloid contacts now available for off-the-shelf sale through the HYPER Series catalogue

Mar 16, 2022 | Electrical & electronics

Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave, optical and radio frequency products for demanding applications announced today that his high reliability Hypertac hyperboloid contacts are now available for sale on the new HYPER Series catalogue.

Hypertac hyperboloid contacts are known worldwide for providing a stable and durableconnection in applications within challenging conditions where reliability and safety are critical.

The HYPER Series catalogue offers 53 hyperboloid contacts in 14 different pin dimensions, from 0.4mm diameter for signal contacts to 6.12 mm for high currents, with different termination types(crimp, solder cup, straight, open both ends and closed end) and platings.

“Thanks to the new HYPER Series catalogue we offer the sale of the original hyperboloid contacts as loose or spare parts to allow our customers to benefit from the unique features of ourtechnology” said Giuseppe Lancella, Commercial Director of the Connectors Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. “The catalogue includes some representative types of sockets & pins that we design, test and produce as part of our core business and that have the appropriate characteristics to be sold as loose parts to support our customers’ developments”.

The unique topology of the original Hypertac contact technology uses a set of contact wires aligned hyperbolically to the axis of the inserted pins, forming a sleeve around the contact and providing a large, 360° contact surface.  Hyperboloid contacts are extremely resilient under rough environmental conditions and combine low insertion and extraction force to provide a high number of mating cycles.

The contact itself is enclosed in a housing that can be PCB-mounted, D-shape, rectangular, rack-and-panel, circular, or customer-defined, thanks to Smiths Interconnect’s long-term experience in designing and manufacturing all the connector parts, from the insulator to metallic frames, grommets and any kind of docking system and cable clamp.

The Hypertac Hyperboloid contact displays outstanding performance in terms of:

Exceptional resistance to shock, vibration and fretting
Low insertion and extraction forces
Long contact life
Uniform electrical and mechanical characteristics over a high number of mating operations (up to 100,000)
High current rating

The HYPER Series contacts are tested to ensure the following commercial benefits:

Low cost of ownership do not need replacement during equipment life
Reduced system costs – equipment design is less critical
Reduced qualification costs – no re-testing due to contact failures
High density interconnect systems when using a large number of contacts the design doesn’t require additional hardware to overcome mating and un-mating forces


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