The MACM is a new centring unit from SMC that helps to align and position heavy workpieces on the move, so manufacturers can install and operate more compact conveyor lines.

Manufacturers seeking solutions to help save space and energy need look no further than SMC’s latest centring unit. The MACM helps to align and position workpieces up to 1,000 kg on conveyor lines, so smaller cylinders can be used.

Further advantages of the MACM are achieved by its flexibility, as it can move in any direction and rotate transferrable workpieces 360°, while maintaining ±1 or less centring accuracy.

When lack of available space is an issue and reduced energy consumption is required, the MACM has been specifically designed to meet these challenges with the added benefit of having more compact and efficient conveyor lines.

Other features of the MACM include a built-in air locking mechanism and the option of mounting an external photo sensor to offer greater control during the process. Further usage benefits are achieved with the choice of three table materials and a table centre movable range up to Ø100 mm, which makes the MACM ideal for general automation and material handling plants.

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