The introduction of the MP2600iec single axis motion controller has enhanced Yaskawa’s Sigma-5 servo series. Available from Micromech, the compact controller/servo combination is said to represent a new level of functionality integrated into a single axis. Features include onboard IEC61131-3 control, digital and analogue I/O, and multiple Ethernet protocols.

This is a feature-rich product in a small package with point to point motion, electronic gearing and cams, as well as application specific, re-usable custom function blocks. In addition there are 15 digital inputs and 11 digital outputs (sinking or sourcing) on-board, external encoder input and integrated safety circuit (STO). It incorporates multiple programming languages and application codes that can be easily re-used.

According to the company, the product rounds out the MP2000iec controller family, allowing applications to scale up from single to multi-axis control within a standard IEC61131-3 programming environment.