A recent industry report by one of the leading UK financial analysts has highlighted SIC Ltd as one of the strongest growth businesses within our sector, well exceeding industry averages. The UK Electronic Cable Assemblies Industry report compiled by Plimsoll Publishing Limited, individually assess each of the industry’s’ largest 117 companies and details a comprehensive study of their performance against an industry standard benchmark providing a trusted, independent performance assessment.

Naturally these results come as no surprise as SIC Ltd have invested heavily in ensuring that our business operates to maximum efficiency in all aspects, from the latest technology and machinery in our production area, maintaining ISO9001 along with sector specific quality accreditations, a complete overhaul of the environmental system and achieving ISO14001 to become a ‘greener’ manufacturer and especially in the people of the business, in an on-going program of hiring and training to give us the most flexible skill sets across our entire production area.

This business growth is a result of a multitude of efforts to a single goal, becoming a stronger supplier for our customers to make us the number one choice in the UK for electronic assembly manufacture. This was echoed by our Operations Director, Anthony Roberts when he said; “Our growth and development as a company has not come overnight, our investment has always been a long term strategy to provide us with the highest skilled production capabilities as well as the infrastructure to deal with any size project. It’s exactly this approach that has supported our business since our inception in 1964 and it’s what we expect to keep us around for another 50 years, designing, manufacturing and supplying the highest quality product with the highest quality service to each and every one of our customers.”

We leverage this industry experience and financial strength by developing our relationships with our suppliers as well as customers, our extensive material sourcing network means that we can buy products that are often difficult for our customers to source directly or our in house engineering team can help suggest alternative materials or manufacturing processes and pass on these value engineered savings. When this is combined with our efficient manufacturing procedures it gives our customers a complete full service manufacturing partner and the peace of mind that their product will be provided at the lowest cost to them, with the optimum manufacturing procedure to the highest international quality standards, supplying manufacturing excellence they can rely on.