By transferring its multi-faceted MAPS SCADA / HMI solution to a secure cloud-based app, Mitsubishi Electric is offering potentially the best of both worlds: an advanced solution that is flexible and easy to integrate, but is also well supported, stable and secure in operation.

By moving MAPS to the cloud (this is just one option, local server / PLC and other hosting choices are still available) Mitsubishi Electric is providing a step into genuine IIoT territory.

Hosting MAPS SCADA in the cloud or privately and using the provided Internet of Things (IoT) Agent allows MAPS to seamlessly talk to third-party IoT cloud-hosted environments. Independent of the chosen environment – Amazon, Azure, Huawei, Sigfox or NBIoT – MAPS is an ideal IoT application builder. Additionally, the built-in OPC UA, Sigfox wireless and MQTT protocol driver allows secure communications to other devices deployed anywhere on the cloud.

Robust reliability and availability can also be achieved through active clustered server technology options. The client-side UI provides the capability of configuring, displaying, manipulating and delivering the values in a rich and secure user-interface. The MAPS design environment offers an intuitive interface resulting in faster engineering which can lead to higher productivity and ultimately reduced costs.

The result is a SCADA platform product that can be used to create advanced, secure and integrated solutions that deliver value to a business. This can be as simple as being able to view the output from a single machine on your smart phone or coordinate the installation / upgrade of a complete production line.

MAPS is the default choice for users of Mitsubishi Electric automation hardware, but by offering a higher level of flexibility and security in a standard product, it won’t be a surprise if this attracts new converts to a complete Mitsubishi Electric solution.