For electrical engineers and OEMs looking for a competitive edge, finding an enclosure supplier that can offer customized solutions with a quick turnaround is essential. Spelsberg UK, already the UK’s largest ex-stock supplier of non-metallic electrical enclosures, has invested heavily in its in-house customisation and assembly services. A new video demonstrates its range of printing and labelling services.

Whether it’s simple branding, instructions, health and safety notices or aesthetic finishing, many OEMs require printing or labelling added to their enclosures. This often requires an additional link in the supply chain as the order is shipped to the printers before finally arriving on-site. This can add days, or even weeks, to the lead times on orders.

To simplify the process Spelsberg has invested in extensive in-house printing and labelling capabilities that will answer the needs of almost any customer. Options start with simple pad printing and range through digital printing, screen printing and even laser marking. Spelsberg’s product experts will consult with the customer during the ordering process to understand their requirements and then suggest the solutions that best meets their brief. Where required Spelsberg can even help with graphic design prior to printing.

Single tone logos and simple text can be achieved using pad printing, which is ideal for large batch orders. For high quality, multi-colour graphic designs then either digital or screen print is favourable, depending on batch size, budget and intended use. For durable, single tone printing them laser marking delivers a permanent, stylish finish.

Chris Lloyd, Spelsberg UK Managing Director, comments: “We’re committed to delivering a premier service to our customers through constant investment and innovation in terms of product design, added value services and aftersales support. The inclusion of in-house printing and labelling services helps to simplify our customers’ supply chain and reduce their lead times. We’re confident that we can meet any need – all our customers need to do is ask.”