Permabond manufactures and supplies engineering adhesives throughout industries using composites for light weight product design and will be exhibiting at Advanced Engineering, NEC, Birmingham on 31st October  and 1st November 2018 where we will be showcasing our composites adhesives range, as well as our other adhesive developments. Come and visit us on our stand and let us help you solve you bonding problems.

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Our composites range has evolved and developed with the changing demands of the composites industry and now includes:

Polyurethanes: Ideal for bonding dissimilar materials, carbon fibre, black leather and rubber. High sheer and peel strength, excellent impact resistance.

Two part epoxies: Ideal for carbon fibre, FRP/GRP and other materials. Available in colours to match substrate materials, providing an aesthetically pleasing bond. Various cure speeds and strengths to suit applications and production processes.

Single part epoxies: Thixotropic grades, ideal for vertical application.

Toughened acrylics: Rapid cure, high strength, good gap fill capability and high temperature resistance.

Cyanoacrylates: Instant adhesives including rubber toughened grades.

Modified epoxy hybrids: Soft and flexible with high elongation, high peel strength, toughness and durability. Low shrinkage makes them ideal for bonding thin gauge composites or metal skins, affected by witness marks/print through with regular adhesives.

Permabond TA46XX series. Structural bonding of low surface energy plastics

Permabond TA4605 and TA4610 are adhesives developed to solve the problem of bonding low surface energy polyolefins such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) WITHOUT the need for pre-treatment or surface preparation! They are available with different cure speeds to make them suitable for bonding larger and smaller surface areas.

Benefits include:

  • No need to flame, corona or plasma treat parts = massive cost saving (and space saving as no bulky equipment is required)
  • Easy 1:1 mix ratio – available in 50ml cartridges, 400ml cartridges and bulk
  • Non-hazardous for transport
  • No need to handle hazardous chemical etchants
  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of plastics, metals, composites and many other materials.

Picture shows that TA4610 has such high strength adhesion to polypropylene, that the plastic stretches to the point of snapping before the bond fails!

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Permabond Flex CA range. Truly flexible, instant adhesives – Elongation up to 400%!

Permabond is stretching the boundaries of cyanoacrylate flexibility with a new range of truly flexible, stretchy, instant adhesives. Traditionally, cyanos described as “flexible” are rubber toughened, making them less brittle than standard cyanoacrylates, but with elongation of up to 400%, these new flexible cyanoacrylates really do take flexibility to another level with Shore hardness ranging from A60 to D50. They form clear, colourless bonds and are available in a range of viscosities, from water thin to thixotropic gel.  

Features & Benefits of Flexible Cyanoacrylates:

  • Single part
  • Solvent-free
  • Room temperature moisture cure – no equipment needed
  • Bond plastics, metals, rubbers, glass, composite, and more
  • Clear, colourless appearance
  • Highly flexible
  • Various viscosities
  • High elongation
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good resistance to non-polar solvents

Ideal for applications such as:

  • Bonding silicone. For best results apply Permabond POP to the silicone prior to bonding with Permabond Flexible Cyanoacrylate
  • Bonding swabs. Soft porous foam is bonded to the applicator handle without being able to feel the bond line.
  • Threadlocking plastic fasteners, providing impact and vibration loosening resistance.
  • Bonding flexible rubber trim or splicing gaskets with no bond line hardness.
  • Flexible cable strain relief
  • Conveyor systems
  • Expansion joints, bellows
  • Film props and special effects
  • Prosthetics

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Permabond ET539X series. Tarnish free, high strength bonding of stainless steel

Permabond’s new stainless steel bonding range of adhesives are an effective way of joining stainless steel to itself or other metals, composites, plastics and wood, offering many advantages over traditional welding:

  • Improved, tarnish-free finished appearance
  • Better stress distribution through the joint (welding concentrates stress into a small area)
  • 100% seal against moisture
  • No need for a skilled welder, offering cost savings
  • No hazardous gas cylinders and fire safety hazards associated with welding offering cost savings and health and safety benefits
  • Ideal for use in ATEX explosion-proof areas where welding is not allowed

The ET539X range of adhesives offer excellent resistance to harsh environments and are highly resistant to water, temperature extremes and chemicals. They are perfect for sealing tanks and pressure vessels or for bonding stainless steel cabinets, enclosures and machinery housing. 

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