PERMABOND® has expanded its established range of adhesives for low surface energy, difficult to bond plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, most rubber materials, PTFE and even acetal!

Permabond TA4630 and Permabond TA4631 bring to the range the additional feature of having no perceptible odour. TA4630 contains micro-beads offering gap fill capability, and is black in colour, making it ideal for bonding black, plastic composite materials.  TA4631 is translucent and designed for applications with smaller gaps. As is the case with Permabond’s popular and established polyolefin bonding products (TA4605, TA4610 and TA4611), impressive, structural bonds are achieved without the need for flame, corona or plasma pre-treatment.

Key features:

  • No odour = no residual smell on bonded components & improved operator comfort
  • No need for flame, plasma or corona pre-treatment or hazardous chemical etching processes
  • Suitable for bonding dissimilar materials including metals, composites and difficult to bond plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and acetal
  • Ideal for use on rubbers such as EPDM, butyl and nitrile rubber
  • Can be used for bonding e-coated metals
  • Both products are 1:1 mix ratio and conveniently supplied in dual cartridges
  • TA4630 is black and contains spacer beads for larger gaps
  • TA4631 is translucent white and does not contain spacer beads (so suitable for smaller gaps and tighter fitting parts)
  • Rapid cure at room temperature
  • TA4631 is also supplied in dual syringes – so no dispensing gun is required

These products are ideal for use on a wide variety of applications including automotive exterior and interior trim, plastic and recycled plastic components, PTFE, acetal or polyimide parts bonding to other materials such as carbon fibre, stainless steel and many other materials.

Available in 10 x 50ml cartridges, 6 x 400ml cartridges and bulk packaging on request.
TA4631 also in 15 x 25ml dual syringes.

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