Permabond Engineering Adhesives offers a wide range of structural acrylic adhesives. Products include the popular aerospace-approved TA4246 resin & brush on initiator, Permabond TA4302 a two-part pink and green acrylic with rapid cure speed and high structural strength and also a variety of other acrylics to suit automated high speed production lines or manual assembly processes.

Structural acrylic adhesives can be used for bonding many different substrate materials such as steel, aluminium and other metals and alloys, composite materials such as GRP and carbon fibre, wood, magnets and ferrites, glass and plastics. They are used in industries such as aerospace (aircraft bonding), automotive exterior, sign bonding, electric motor magnet bonding, sports equipment, lifts, shopfitting and many more. Structural acrylic adhesives can be used to replace welding, brazing or mechanical fasteners giving a much easier manufacturing process, a better finish and improved bonded performance (better stress distribution, bond strength and no damage to substrate materials).

Permabond can offer excellent technical support during your design and development stage as well as provide assistance with introducing adhesives into your production line. Samples and trial material can be provided and purchasing is easy – with low minimum order quantities, short lead times and a network of local distributors your production line can be kept moving.

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