Manufactured in the UK
A huge range of different plastic and metal enclosures is now available from BCL Enclosures’ new e-commerce website at – ordering is fast, simple and secure. Almost its entire range is manufactured in the UK, which overcomes the supply issues often found when ordering from non-UK sources, plus there is the reassurance of dealing with a well-known and established company.  Cost-effective standard products are available mostly from stock for fast delivery. 
Customisation Services
BCL’s customisation services include drilling, punching and moulding in different materials, plus over 200 RAL colour match combinations.  Thanks to the knowledge of BCL engineers and the sophistication of its machinery, everything from small prototyping custom runs to large-scale customisation runs are no problem!
Product ranges
BCL’s range includes door enclosures, die cast enclosures, flanged boxes, general purpose enclosures, hand-held enclosures, instrument cases, IP66 and IP67 enclosures, multipurpose/small multipurpose enclosures, potting boxes, power supplies, sensor enclosures and speaker housings. In addition there is a range of accessories such as cable glands, locknuts, fuse holders and venting elements.
Newest Products
– Handheld Enclosures
The BCH Handheld Series is designed specifically for housing control equipment and provides a strong, ergonomic and flexible solution suitable for use in many different types of control equipment. Moulded in ABS for strength and durability, many different sizes and configurations are available, some with a flush top and others with recessed lids suitable for fitting membranes. Certain models offer battery compartments including battery terminals suitable for four AA batteries or one 9V battery. Covers and surrounds for the BCH 50 and 60 Series in a choice of red, blue and orange provide protection to both the enclosure itself and its equipment.  For the two BCH 100 cases, a surround strip is also an option.  
– ABS Enclosures
The AB Series are two-part enclosures with a matt finish and lids which are retained with four self-tapping screws that can be inserted from either inside or outside then hidden with the supplied matching plastic covers.  There are integral stand offs in both halves of each box and three models, AB77, AB78 and AB88, also offer PCB slots.  
The BM Series of two-part ABS enclosures has a polished finish.  The lids of BM11W (143mm x 82mm x 30mm high), BM12W (143mm x 82mm x 44mm high) and BM22W (143mm x 82mm x 58mm high) are retained by four 3mm countersunk plated screws fixed into brass inserts.  Nominal wall thickness is 3.0mm.  BM12W has printed circuit board slots in the base while the larger BM22W model has PCB slots in both the base and the lid. Standard colours for both the above are black or white.
– Miniature Sloping Module Cases
Ergonomically designed to fit on a desk, dashboard or in a pocket and suit multiple applications, including panic alarm switches, infrared remote controls and reception desk bell switches. Exceptionally robust thanks to being manufactured in high impact ABS plastic, the module cases are supplied with a single self-tapping screw fixing.  They also feature a cable knock-out section suitable for flying lead applications.  Available in black or white ABS, the miniature sloping module cases have a matt finish on all surfaces apart from the polished recessed panel which is on the largest flat surface. The cases can also be used with this side uppermost if preferred. The size of the module cases is 71mm x 44mm x 28mm (apex) sloping down to 22mm high on one edge and 17mm high on the other. Nominal wall thickness is 2mm. 
– Power Supply Cases – Plug-In and In-Line Styles
PS5 battery-eliminator style range: six different models moulded in black or white ABS, with a choice of either plastic or brass earth pins.  The two halves are held together by two self-tapping screws which are accessed from the 13A pin side of the case.  Solder spills are provided for direct connection to a transformer.  Flame-retardant versions are available.  
PS2 range of in line power supply cases: moulded in ABS with an attractive rugged appearance.   Designed to house EI54, S35 or S147-size transformers, the cases also offer space for ancillary components.  For a neat appearance, the top and base of these cases are held together securely by four self-tapping screws in recessed holes designed to accept standard 9mm self-adhesive feet.  In black (PS2) or white (PS2W), there is also a model manufactured from flame-retardant ABS (PS2FR).  
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