There is no denying that we are all still working to get our supply chains back to how they were pre-pandemic. Worldwide logistical issues, raw material shortages and staff availability are all having a knock-on effect on the global recovery. While Techsil aren’t claiming to be able to solve the micro-chip shortage, they are doing their bit in their corner of the market to get their service levels back up to pre-pandemic levels. Ensuring their Customers can rely on their deliveries to be on time, in full, every time. A big claim in today’s market, so how are they doing it?

Forward planning and increased stock levels have been a major factor. It’s not without risk as the specialist adhesives and thermal interface materials supplied by Techsil all have an expiry date, however frequent, respectable and positive conversations with both Customers and Suppliers at the right time predict when manufacturing lines will ramp back up to previous levels.

31601499 – thermal grease

Techsil have been supplying the Electronics industry (and many others) since 1989 and have always worked to uphold their exceptional service record. With an extensive stock catalogue of over 2,000 SKU’s Techsil are more than simply a warehousing and distribution operation – they aim to provide their Customers with an exceptional level of service together with  full technical back up, ensuring they are consistently delivering value to their Customers with their operational excellence. “On Time, In Full, Every Time” has become an in-house mantra at Techsil. Something that could only happen with the buy in of the employees to fully commit to exception Customer Service.

Some may say the claim is too bold for today’s circumstances but Techsil’s experience is that even today, it’s achievable. Providing an exceptional level of customer service is one of the core values that separates Techsil from its counterparts; let’s take a look at some of the other specialist services which make Techsil a trusted partner for Electronics Customers.

Customised Repack

Experience and expertise has allowed Techsil to become an authorised repacker for many of their suppliers, which provides the opportunity to supply products in a format to meet exact dispensing requirements from syringe to cartridge, tub to pail. Techsil have state of the art repacking facilities on site, at their principal location, keeping production lead-times to an ultimate minimum.


Specialist Storage & Stock Management Solutions

Techsil have facilities that cope with products that require temperature-controlled conditions in order to help to preserve their effective life and to enable us to supply goods to our customers in excellent condition.

Materials are stored in special conditions dependent on the properties of the product, such as frozen, chilled or heated. Other products require storage in our flameproof store.

Agile Ordering Capabilities

Techsil can work with customised EDI systems, Kanban, Faxban & VMI processes. As well as having someone on the end of the phone 8.30am – 5pm Mon- Fri, via email or of course 24/7 ordering via

Contract Gasketing – FIPFG Service

Using an innovative single-component liquid polyurethane foam sealing system and machine technology Techsil’s new leading edge PUR Form-in-Place-Foam-Gasket (FIPFG) service is the economical and reliable solution for replacing labour intensive peel and stick gasket applications.

Tape Conversion and Slitting

Techsil have on-site tape slitting facilities which allow for logs to converted and slit into any size width required to suit applications exactly.


Techsil can provide kitted parts to smooth not only the ordering and supply process but also to aid manufacturing and assembly line requirements, with the recent introduction of a UV-resistant bagging machine.


Quality Assurance

Techsil are ISO Approved, BAE Certified and JOSCAR Registered, an accreditation required for the Aerospace and Defence industry.

Why rely on Techsil?

Techsil have proven their resilience and talent for navigating challenges. Their pro-activeness to the procurement process has helped to evolve their supply chain in difficult and uncertain times and have monitored their facilities, upgrading where appropriate to be able to react to any scalability demands.

Communication is key at Techsil, we are working closer than ever with both our Customers and Suppliers to keep the supply chain as flowable as possible. We work to be as transparent as we can, and believe honesty is the best policy – working to consistently deliver value to our Customers.

Looking Forward

As well as maintaining current services levels, Techsil are also looking to the future. Technology advances are not standing still. New developments in specialist silicones have opened the door to advanced materials being made available for the Drone and UAV manufacturing market. Techsil understands the unique challenges of the drone industry and are able to offer a broad range of silicone products that can provide environmental protection, increase hardware reliability, improve sensor performance and extend component life. Silicones allow for critical properties to be maintained for extended time over a wide range of extreme temperatures (-115c to 260c), they offer sustained flexibility in extreme low temperatures and provide excellent dielectric and thermal insulation, UV and Ozone resistance.

Techsil have recently just announced a new range of ground breaking UV Cure Silicones , set to shake up the silicone materials market. These state of the art materials will employ a two-step cure system that will help improve the efficiency of PCB assembly processes.

Ensuring the products Techsil offer are the best in the field is also a big consideration, a recent white paper on Momentives SilCool™ Thermal Gap Fillers stands testament to this. Techsil looked to improve their ability to withstand random vibrations at high and low temperatures vs a pre-cured gel from a competitor.