When it comes to engineering, knowledge really is power. To keep your production process up to date, engineers and technicians must keep abreast of the latest developments on the market through regular training.
Of course, this can present production problems of its own, as off-site training means your workforce is reduced. Tsubaki offers a solution to this with a roadshow that allows it to educate engineers and technicians on-site. It has partnered up with some of the UK’s leading distributors to make the roadshow available nationwide.

Derek Mack, Sales Director for Tsubaki UK, explains: “The Tsubaki Roadshow was developed after we received feedback from end-users saying they’d love for their workforce to learn more about how chain technology can increase the efficiency and reliability of production, but that they couldn’t afford to reduce their man power by sending personnel away for training. We offered to bring the training to them, hold it in their workshop and run it in groups.
“Since then the concept has really caught on and we are now working with leading distributors like Brammer and the IADA group to bring the training programme to various production or manufacturing site in the UK. We’ve had extremely positive feedback from all of the companies we’ve visited so far, including Cemex, New York Bakery and Tata Steel.”
The roadshow kit is completely portable, consisting of two containers which will be sent to our customers by Tsubaki. It can be easily brought into a workshop or a training location. It features a TV which can play training videos and presentations and a display cabinet which contains samples covering the majority of Tsubaki’s massive range of conveyor and drive chain. A member of Tsubaki’s expert sales team will always be available to hand pick the most relevant chain to the business and explain how the different technologies can benefit the specific application.
The roadshow is available to distributors and end user factories and Tsubaki is happy to discuss individual requirements prior to the date to ensure the presentation is tailored to the business. For more information, please contact Tsubaki on 01623 688700.