Keeps Critical Fluid Dispensing Consistent From Start to Finish

When applying  adhesives and other fluids at fast speeds, keeping the amount of fluid applied consistent as it gets thicker or thinner, or as the volume of fluid in the reservoir decreases, can be critical to maintaining productivity and quality. EFD’s Ultimus V and Optimeter resolve these issues and reduce downtime at automated dispensing stations.

For fluids that change viscosity, the Ultimus V dispenser provides the ability to store and then automatically adjust dispensing parameters to keep the amount of fluid applied constant as it gets thicker or thinner once the fluid curve has been programmed into the Ultimus V dispenser’s memory cells, air pressure will automatically adjust after a set time interval or number of shots to keep the size of the fluid deposit uniform as the viscosity of the material changes. Electronic control of dispense time, air pressure and vacuum, along with digital display of all dispenser settings, brings exceptional accuracy and process control to critical tabletop and automated dispensing applications.

When using thinner fluids, the patent pending Optimeter is specifically engineered to work with the Ultimus V dispenser to provide an even greater level of control. Used in place of a standard syringe barrel adapter, the Optimeter features a unique design with a tapered pin that ensures consistent shots by automatically increasing air flow as the volume of material in the syringe barrel decreases.


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