Combines high production speed with exceptional accuracy and process control

The  PICO® jet dispensing system of Nordson EFD is a  non-contact dispensing system that uses piezoelectric technology to apply small, precise amounts of a wide variety of fluids used in critical assembly operations.

With the ability to apply consistent shots as small as 2 nanoliters at speeds from 150Hz (cycles per second) up to an industry-leading continuous 500Hz, the PICO system is ideal for high-speed, high volume applications that require many small, precise fluid deposits. The narrow design of the valves, with a width of approximately ½ inch, makes them particularly well suited for installations where space is tight or valves need to be mounted close to each other. The range of possible applications is huge. Sample uses include electronics (bonding cell phone speakers with UV-cure adhesives), life sciences (attaching needles to medical syringes), and precision mechanical applications (jetting small amounts of grease on micro gears).

Now available in the new modular version, with   fully interchangeable parts that can be  easily assembled for each specific application and quickly disassembled for easy cleaning, repair, or maintenance

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