NKE Austria presents bearings for agricultural machinery and appliances for working ground and pasture land. Especially for tillage implements, NKE offers application-specific, preassembled, ready to use bearing units.

The robust bearing units designated Agri Units are designed for use in agricultural machines that require a rotating union between a disc-shaped tool and its mounting arm. These bearing units can be installed without a need for pre-assembly. They replace up to ten separate components, thereby reducing stock-keeping requirements to a single item. Developed in-house by NKE, the bearing units are used in seeding and manure spreader discs. A further application example is disc harrows with a disc diameter of up to 650 mm.

The bearing units have an optimised internal geometry that maximises load capacity and tilting rigidity. A quality grease pack precisely dosed for the adverse operating conditions in the field ensures a long lubricant and therefore bearing life as well as good corrosion protection. The highly efficient combination of seals prevents dirt ingress into the bearing, and an outer protective cap protects the bearing from coarse dirt and mechanical damage.

For cases in which complete bearing units cannot be used in an agricultural appliance, NKE offers standard and special bearings, for example for balers, power take-off (PTO) gearboxes and crawler track systems.

“The growth market of agricultural machinery has been an important segment for NKE for 15 years now. We meet the ever increasing demands for integration, ruggedness and performance by continually developing our product range in line with customer expectations,” explains David Schaljo, head of Application Engineering. “Manufacturers of agricultural machinery benefit from our Advanced Engineering department in Steyr, where findings from research and development are incorporated in NKE’s body of practical experience.” In addition to product development, NKE offers users in the agricultural technology sector comprehensive services that include consulting, design support, technical computation, training and assistance in obtaining certification.

Contact: NKE AUSTRIA GmbH, Im Stadtgut C4, 4407 Steyr, Austria, Tel.: +43 7252 86667, Fax: +43 7252 86667 59, E-mail: office@nke.at , Internet: www.nke.at