Edge-facing or upright to PCB mounting; suits mass transit, power distribution and demanding industrial applications 
OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics design & manufacture, has launched a versatile new fibre optic housing, the FDH13HP.  A new addition to the company’s popular H13A housing series, this new device can be mounted in two ways for flexibility and space-saving. The FDH13HP metal housing is compatible with a wide range of OMC transmitter and receiver diodes for multimode fibre.
The new FDH13HP high profile housing has screw holes on the back of the device as well as the bottom, which enables it to be mounted either edge facing to the PCB or perpendicular at 90 degrees to the board, giving far greater flexibility to system designers.  The FDH13HP features the industry standard ST spring-loaded industrial fibre optic connector system, a precision-machined all metal body and incorporates a rugged screw mounting mechanical connection to the circuit board, providing greater robustness and consistency for industrial environments than comparable devices.
The new FDH13HP housing is available now and because OMC designs and manufactures all its connectors and receptacles in its purpose-built facility in Cornwall, it can modify or design application-specific fibre optic components and complete systems. Recognised as one of the leading companies in the world for industrial fibre optic products and systems, OMC has over 35 years’ experience across multiple market sectors, including those with the most exacting requirements.
Handy Packs of polymer optical fibre on 100 metre spools
OMC has also launched four new Handy Packs of polymer optic fibre of its most popular sizes of high-quality polymer optical fibre for industrial and other fibre optic systems.  The handy pack spools are 100 metre length reels of optical fibre, ideal for projects that require shorter datalinks.
Usually polymer optical fibre is supplied as standard on larger reels of one kilometre or more.  The OMC Handy Pack spools are far smaller, lighter and easier for customers to handle and store than large standard reels. In addition, they are lower cost, an important factor at times when customers may wish to hold stocks of different sizes and types of polymer fibre but are finding it challenging to predict forward orders and requirements from their own customers.  OMC produces the small handy pack spools in house and can supply them with four different variations of polymer optical fibre:  1mm core simplex single core with polyethylene or PVC jacket, and unjacketed bare simplex fibre in1mm, 2mm or 3mm core sizes.  Duplex fibre with polyethelyne jacket is available on 50 metre spools.
OMC Handy Pack spools are available now to order from OMC’s purpose-built facility in the UK.