Machine builders can now save up to 70% on framework assembly time thanks to the introduction of an all-new profile connector system from Aldershot-based FATH Components. The news is likely to be welcomed by all framework users because according to FATH UK managing director David Hayes “The new connector design is set to transform assembly times from here on”.

Called Alu Connection Angles M, FATH’s new range has been shown to help users effect substantial time savings in the assembly of most typical machine frameworks. How so? It is attributable to a combination of clever design and the innovative use of magnet technology in its (patent-pending) new connector block. 
Now, with the need to handle separate parts like T-nuts and locking screws a thing of the past, users only need a single tool to construct an entire aluminium section framework in (quite literally in some cases) double-quick time. Magnet technology holds the rhombus fasteners inside the connector exactly where they should be, and the complete connector unit is supplied pre-assembled and ready for instant use (and endless re-use too).
Additionally, the design of the Alu Connection Angles M means that where used, they also act as reinforcement for corner joints, allowing higher moment loads to be accommodated without the need (and cost) for extra machining of the profiles. For a professional looking finish, users can fit standard FATH cover caps in either grey or black which simply clip in.
FATH’s new Alu Connection Angles M is available ex-stock, and there are designs to fit both 40mm and 80mm sections. Commenting on the arrival of the new connectors, Hayes says: “This new product is about two things more than anything else: time saving during assembly/disassembly and providing additional, cost-free, structural strength where corners are formed”.