Syfer Technology has introduced the X7R dielectric multilayer chip capacitor (MLCC) range. These have a defined capacitance variation under applied DC voltage across the full operating temperature range.

Derating or using a higher voltage rating can reduce the capacitance drop, but where an application requires more stable performance with minimal voltage derating then these parts are particularly suitable.

Syfer’s TCC/VCC range of X7R MLCCs is available in two versions. The ‘B’ code dielectric conforms to MIL STD BX dielectric and IECQ-CECC 2X1 standards, while the ‘R’ code dielectric conforms to MIL STD BZ dielectric and IECQ-CECC 2C1 standards. The 2X1 (BX) devices, for example, are the most voltage stable of the X7R versions, at +15 to –25% capacitance charge with full rated DC voltage applied across the full temperature range. The 2C1(BZ) offer +20 to -30% capacitance charge. The 2X1 (BX) range includes devices rated at 50V, 100V and 200V, and with capacitance ranges from 100pF to 4.7nF (50V, 0603), through 2.7nF to 180nF (50V, 1808) up to 15nF to 1µF (50V, 2225). Comparable devices in the 2C1 (BZ) range are 100pF to 5.6nF (50V, 0603), 2.7nF to 220nF (50V 1808), and 15nF to 1.5µF (50V, 2225).