New cover strip for profiled guide rails reduces mounting times by up to 90%

May 10, 2019 | Linear motion

Schaeffler has introduced a new cover strip for profiled guide rails. The ADE steel cover strip is slid into a fitted groove in the guide rail and fixed in place using a screw, meaning mounting times are therefore reduced by up to 90% compared to previous solutions, the company explains. This means that, in the mechanical engineering sector, cycle times in the assembly of multi-axis linear systems can be drastically reduced.

The new cover strip is currently available for RUE 35, 45, and 55 linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assemblies, with further variants set to follow. It is also reusable and offers decisive advantages in both initial operation and maintenance.

The ADE cover strip does not have to be mounted in the profiled guide rail during the machine build process. This can also be done subsequently. All of the axis’s fixing screws remain accessible and can be precisely adjusted as often as necessary with the carriage still mounted. The carriages’ seal lips do not touch the counterbores in the profiled guide rail and damage to the seal is prevented. Once the guide rails have been mounted and the geometry check has been completed, the cover strips are simply inserted into the profiled guide rails and under the seal lips of the guide carriages. It is fixed into place in the groove using a countersunk screw joint at the end of the guide rail. This means that the entire length of the guide rail can be used.

In the case of single-piece guide rails, the customised cover strip is delivered in the packaging together with the guide rail and carriage; for multi-piece guide rails, the cover strip is rolled into a coil and packaged together with the carriages and guide rail sections.




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