ifm electronic’s new O3X 3D camera builds on the success of the industrial unit released over 6 years ago. The O3X has been designed to provide simple and intuitive integration into 3D imaging projects.                                

With the growth in the market requirement for technology such as AGV’s and collaborative robots, ifm electronic has delivered a cost effective product to the market that removes some of the prohibitive costs associated with the R&D phase of these projects.

The unit provides a pre-calculated 3D image to the user via the on board processor. Using time-of-flight technology to create the 3D image the unit is able to limit the effects of ambient light, and via the use of multi frequencies, it is possible to use multiple devices in the same area.

The free visualisation software, ifm VisionAssistant, allows for a quick initial setup of the camera. With built in support for ROS and PCL ,and a comprehensive Windows SDK and Linux Lib, the user can very quickly start using the data from the camera in their algorithms.

This product uses the same technology developed by a daughter company of ifm electronic for use in android phones for 3D imaging apps. This allows for a lightweight compact design, 80x44x22mm housing, making it easy to integrate physically into the OEM design.