Contrinex has introduced weld-immune versions into the Series 600 technology family, which are capable of withstanding high-intensity magnetic fields.

Featuring the well-proven Condet technology, both the new Series 600 sensors and the existing Series 700 Full Inox devices are true Factor 1 sensors, sensing targets in steel and aluminium equally effectively, with no reduction in sensing distance.

The sensors resist the strong magnetic fields in welding cells or other environments with high-intensity magnetic fields, whilst offering increased operating ranges – The new lower-cost 600 Series sensors offer the same sensing distance as their 700 Series stainless-steel sisters of up to 8mm.

For applications directly exposed to weld spatter, the sensors are available with an ACTIVSTONE coating, a high-performance ceramic layer that provides exceptional robustness in MIG, MAG and spot-welding applications. Custom-designed, ACTIVSTONE-coated accessories, including fixing nuts and mounting brackets, resist the accumulation of weld spatter and withstand frequent wire-brush cleaning.

Heavy-duty PUR cables and optional high-temperature-rated spatter-resistant shrouding prevent cable damage.

Combining exceptional durability in harsh environments with an extended working life, Contrinex’s enhanced Weld-Immune sensor range is a highly affordable, risk-free option for systems integrators and equipment designers in diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and white goods.


 Low-cost 600 Series – All-metal housing & PEEK polymer sensing face

• Robust 700 Series – One-piece stainless-steel (V2A /AISI 303) housing and sensing face

Robust & reliable in demanding conditions

 Excellent temperature stability & temperature-resistant

Immune to electromagnetic interference from 50Hz and Medium-Frequency weld fields

Excellent sensing of small & thin targets

Factor 1 sensors offer equal sensing distance for steel & aluminium targets

Ceramic ACTIVSTONE coating option

• IO-Link – Ideal for Industry 4 and offering Plug and Play swap-out

Read more at the Product Page, Click to download the Contrinex Weld-immune flyer, or Click to download Contrinex’s Product Overview brochure to find out more.

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