Motion Control Products Ltd (MCP), the Bournemouth based solutions provider for the automation market, introduces our innovative, compact hightorque integrated harmonic actuator systems with shorter lead time up to eight weeks.

Offering high levels of torque and precision, the latest harmonic actuator systems have a torque motor withintegral harmonic gearbox and optional onboard electronics. With high efficiencies and compact sizes, they are available in two series: MAH and MGM.

The all-in-one MGM series has an integral torque motor, backlash-free harmonic gearbox, high resolution absolute or incremental encoder, brake and servo drive. Delivering a high precision of up to 60 arc sec, their high torque of up to 557Nm makes them ideal for a host of application, demanding low noise, high torque and precision control, such as collaborative robot applications. Integrated servo drives for EtherCAT or CANOpen enable the units to interface with most mainstream controllers on the market. A hollow shaft simplifies system design by allowing the passage of cables, pipework etc.

The other series is the MAH, which have a standard hollow shaft and frame sizes from 60mm to 145mm diameter. Peak torques of up to 800Nm are available and precision is up to 30 arc sec.

Both series are flexible, reliable, low maintenance and compact. Gear ratios are available from 51:1 to up to 161:1. All models are fully enclosed and self-cooled and can be specified with IP67 ingress protection when operation is required in harsh environments.

Standard input voltages are 48VDC, 110VAC and 220VAC, and input voltages can be customised on request, as can the torque etc.

As well as robotics and factory automation, applications for the versatile motors include electronic and semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, precision measuring instruments, machine tools, laser processing and spraypainting equipment.

Motion Control Products Ltd. not only provides the full range of products, but they can also work with clients in the design and integration of servo drives and motors / encoders for their specific applications. For more technical information, please visit our website or contact our sales team at +44 (0)1202 599922.

A Youtube video for this harmonic actuator is available here: