The new OY51xx measuring light grids from ifm electronic provide a fast and convenient way of checking the size, orientation and even the shape of objects in intralogistics applications. Ideally suited for ensuring that objects are correctly positioned for safe transport on conveyor systems and for many other applications, the light grids provide high resolution for accurate object detection. And thanks to their IO-Link interface, they are easy to set up and integrate without the need for complex programming.

Using multiple infrared beams with a spacing of 10 mm, ifm’s new measuring light grids can precisely determine the height and width of pallets and boxes, while simultaneous evaluation of multiple beams allows the orientation of the objects to be determined, as well as providing information about their contours. Depending on the application, the distance between objects can also be measured. In addition, the light grids automatically capture diagnostic information based on operating hours, which can be used as an aid for planning needs-based maintenance.

Measuring light grids in the OY51xx range are currently available in six versions. The smallest of these has 15 beams and a measuring height of 140 mm, while the largest has 255 beams and a measuring height of 2540 mm. Maximum range for all versions is 10 m, and all can simultaneously measure five values. Data from the light grids is transmitted digitally via an IO-Link interface which is also used for parameterisation.

Robust construction and an IP65 ingress protection rating together with an operating temperature range of -10 to +55 ºC ensure that OY51xx measuring light grids operate reliably even in demanding environments, while optional accessories that include mounting brackets and a laser adjustment aid make installation fast and straightforward.